Best Studio Monitors under $500
Yes, we’d all like to own the top of the line equipment and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building top-notch studios if we could, but most of us don’t have that kind of money. That’s why I decided to make this list. I did some research and came up with 10 studio monitors for under $500. I’ll most likely be adding to this list as I research more options, so check back!

*Note – I’ve put these in order of price (per pair), from cheapest to most expensive*

1. Mackie MR5
Price: $200 (pair) $100 (per speaker)

User Comments:

“Sounds Amazing”
“Great for 1st quality speakers”

2. Alesis M1 Active Mk2
Price: $240 (pair)

User Comments:
“They sound great, and the price was right. “
“…surprised me with really good sound quality and stereo imaging..”

3. Fostex PM-1 MKII
Price: $379 (pair)

User Comments:
“Fostex studio monitors are great!”

4. Yamaha HS50M
Price: $400 (pair), $200 (per speaker)

User Comments:
“Outstanding near field monitor, at any price…”
“A good value for the money.”

5. M-Audio BX8a
Price: $445 (pair)

User Comments:
“Good sound on a budget”
“Impressive Sound”

6. Yamaha MSP5
Price: $446 (pair), $223 (per speaker)

User Comments:
“Excellent sound”

7. Event TR8
Price: $450 (pair)

User Comments:
“Great pair of monitors”
“Finally, mixing heaven”

8. Prodipe Pro Ribbon 8 Powered Studio Monitors
Price: $459 (pair)

User Comments:
“All that I had hoped for”
“Excellent bargain priced monitors”

9. KRK RP8G2
Price: $500 (pair), $250 (per speaker)

User Comments:
“Very good for the money”
“Solid, delicate, intricate studio sound”

10. Behringer Truth B3031A
Price: $500 (pair), $250 (per speaker)

User Comments:
“Nothing comes close for price-for-performance”
“Great Value Studio Monitor”

Hopefully this list will narrow down some searches for those of you who are looking to get some nice studio monitors but don’t have thousands to spend!

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